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Safety Equipment (Stommpy)

Highrocks carry Stommpy® products and replacement parts for distribution across Australia

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Italian impact safety systems leader, STOMMPY® is a technological leader in producing Impact Safety Systems for industrial application, STOMMPY® has long been a leader of bollards and barriers for facilities across Europe, UK and USA.

STOMMPY® is a preferred supplier overseas for serious players from all industry sectors: food & beverage, large-scale retail trade, pharmaceutics and hospital, automotive, logistics & transport and many more. Through expert advice from the chemical, plastics, food and mechanic industries, and in full conformity to the hygienic norms, STOMMPY® has the best performing impact safety systems on the market.

Shockproof Modular Bollard Single Guardrail 135mm
Stommpy Safety Bollard Stommpy Single Guardrail 135mm
Double Guardrail Single Guardrail 300mm
Stommpy Double Guardrail Stommpy Guardrail 300mm
Pedestrian Swing Gate PMA Plate (White)
Stommpy Swing Gate (one way) Stommpy Wall Plate (White)

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